• My iPhone doesn’t have wireless charging, can I still use wireless charging?
    • With the desk, you will get a special receiver for Apple devices. It is thinner than 1 mm. You can place it under your phone cover. You will be able to see only the plug of it in the charging slot of your phone. Also, you will receive a receiver for your Android device that does not include a built-in wireless charger. If you are planning to upgrade to iPhone 8 when it comes out, it will likely include wireless charging built into the device.
  • Can I use any cup with the beverage warmer?
    • You will need a special cup which comes with your desk if you will choose to get the desk with the warmer.
  • My cup is broken or I’d like another cup for my desk?
    • You can order another by contacting us
  • How long will the delivery take?
    • Average of 4 weeks for your order to get to your door.
  • I need a custom desk, recliner, table, or I just want another feature?
    • Check out our custom page for ideas and fill out the contact form.
  • How does the USB hub work?
    • Three USB ports are located in edge of the desk. Used for charging and also as a USB hub via Bluetooth connection to your laptop and/or computer.
  • Do you ship outside of US or Canada?
    • We only ship to USA and Canada, for international orders visit: tabulasense.com
  • Why rebrand Stakdesk from Tabula Sense for the US Market?
    • Based on our research Stakdesk brand is a better and clearer choice for our customers in the US Market.

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