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Long live SEO: Why we focus on SEO and not on PPC / Adwords first

We love the MOZ community and one of the thought leaders on this community said something we had to share, just because we believe so much in this. The question was titled “SEO is DEAD – Long live ADWORDS” The OP has included some points of thought to think about regarding Googles adwords such as:

  • In recent times Google increased the number of paid ads at the top of the page from 1 to 3
  • Google increased the number of lines their paid adverts take up
  • Google increased the % of the “above-the-fold” advertising space to paid adverts
  • Google reduced the distinguished between paid and organic ads to such an extent that around 50% of us cannot determine what is a paid or organic ad anymore.

The post was good, however check out this response and see why we are not big in PPC and Adwords. Dont get us wrong we still use Adwords campagins to gain insight into great keywords and rankings, but if, and when, we have better sources of data we prefer not to use them. So here is the response:

[blockquote cite=”EGOL, Content Director, and may we say a really great one!”]I run a three-person shop and our retail sites are very competitive in the organic SERPs. We beat Amazon, ebay, and every site on the planet in tons of different niches and in lots of really difficult SERPs. We don’t have #1 everywhere but we are not embarassed at anything we go after.

But… what I can’t do is make a lot of money from adwords. I am great at runnin’ ads, great at getting perfect quality score and great at doing math. I have read all of the books (some of them twice), and done the adwords training with the Gurus. The problem is costs. I don’t buy my merchandise by the tractor trailer load, don’t have distribution points all across the US to get local shipping costs everywhere. It does not matter if you have a PhD and can beat everybody everywhere at all of the stuff that requires training, dedication and smarts. If you don’t have the scale there are lots of places where you will not make any money at Adwords.

Is ADWORDS is DEAD? – Long live SEO

:-)   There are a LOT of SEOs who are running adwords for clients, bidding like fidiots and bringing in sales. The problem is that there is a disconnect between the SEO and the client. The client has not shared (or does not know) his profit margins and does not understand or the SEO has not shared the cost per sale. And, so, these merchants are losing their asses and thinkin’ that their SEO is a genius both at the same time. :-) [/blockquote]

This is the best response on SEO vs Adwords or PPC vs SEO debate, that we have heard. We think you as a business owner should really take some of these golden nuggets of practical advice and think about this in terms of your business.

We choose SEO and hail :Long live SEO, because:

  1. We want to build authority in our companies and as a websites
  2. We believe internet audiences are getting wiser and smarter about the difference between organic and ads, and the value that high organic rankings brings.

Now what do you think about this? … Are you using PPC or Adwords campaigns? If so how?

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